Accepted Papers

5 great papers on news and public opinion will be presented in NECO’18!

Patterns of Creative Slang in Online Political Discourse

Nabil Hossain, Thanh Thuy Trang Tran and Henry Kautz

An Exploration of Verbatim Content Republishing by News Producers

Benjamin Horne and Sibel Adali

Analyzing Uncivil Speech Provocation and Implicit Topics in Online Political News

Rijul Magu, Nabil Hossain and Henry Kautz

Applying social network analysis to compare mass media and interpersonal agenda-setting effects

Joao Vicente Seno Ozawa, Leandro Leonardo Batista and Diego Senise

An Exploration of Misinformation Classification in Brazil and The U.S.

Maurício Gruppi, Benjamin Horne and Sibel Adali